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Privacy Policy

This policy describes how the RoboUp collects and handles user data.

RoboUp collects information from you when you scan a QR code and log in to your Google account. This information amounts to your name, email address, and Google authentication token. The information is only used to populate the uploaded video's description and title. None of this information is stored, either on your local device or on remote servers.

Your Google authentication token is only used to upload a video to YouTube.

None of the aforementioned data is shared with anyone. Once the video is uploaded to YouTube, RoboUp no longer has edit access to the video or its metadata. As the video is under your account, you have full control over the title and description. However, the YouTube link is stored on your local device in case you want to access it again.

RoboUp does not read or store your Google account data, including your YouTube account data.

After RoboUp uploads the video to YouTube, the user has the option to send an email to a chosen recipient which contains the YouTube link. The recipient will be able to access the YouTube video. RoboUp does not have access to the email, so the recipient's data is not stored.

Additionally, after RoboUp uploads the video to YouTube, the video's link can be uploaded to the RoboUp cloud. This feature is disabled by default. If enabled, this feature allows the user to access the videos through a web portal. The Google user's data is not associated with the uploaded video link.

RoboUp does not share your data with any third party.

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